Thursday, August 18, 2011

Without which life may be short but grim

Rifle butt pouch.
-100 rounds 22LR Remington Subsonic,
-an extra rifle magazine,
-two bottles water pills,
-a penny to adjust scope,
-Allen wrench for scope mount screws.
-40 feet 50 lb test braided Spiderwire and four fishhooks
-a 2x3 fresnel lens
-Gerber utility knife and two blades
-a thong and ten patches
The thong has 8" bead chain on end, a bowline at other end,
a bowline 8" from the end. Place a patch in loop sticking
through bowline. The thong comes taut and holds patch securely.
If the patch sticks, use bowline on the end to pull it out
backwards. Not good to break the thong and leave a patch
in the bore.
Two black cable ties secure the pouch to my
Marlin 25N 22LR rifle.


  1. Found out Ak has hollow stock,guess whats going in there? Little weight might make little light weight bastard not kick so hard!