re The Magnificent Seven with Yul Brenner, Steve McQueen et al (1960)

Seeing this old movie made my realize how cynical I had become. This movie restored my faith in people in general; and in smirking, violent, predatory, criminal scum in particular.

The seven Good Guys fought the forty Bad Guys to a standstill, killing many of them in the process. The GG went out to hunt down the surviving BG. Couldn't find them. Back in the village the GG find that the BG have the drop on them. Gutless villagers, despite their recent combat training by the GG, let the BG in. Held at gunpoint by the BG the GG all piled their guns on a table.

Did the BG then castrate the GG? impale them? criucify them? bury them neckdeep in the sand? Naaaaaaah. The Honcho of the BG magnanimously let them all go with the understanding that the GG would never return. GG were escorted a mile or so from the Village, and had their loaded, operable guns returned to them.

To show their gratitude, the GG returned to the village and killed all the BG. .

The moral of the story seems to be that it is OK to disarm and put yourself to the mercy of smirking, predatory, criminal scum.

Carried to its logical extreme, the message may be that it is OK to turn in your guns to the police and call 911 if the bad asses are raping your wife and/or you; and for USA to disarm, leave all decisions to the UN, etc. Pardon me fora moment while I vomit into this conveniently placed plain brown bag..

How many other movies condition the American people to surrender??

Who writes this shit?