Friday, August 5, 2011

As Wind in Dry Grass

You may read eleven pages of
As Wind in Dry Grass by H. Grant Llewellyn

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Albert Smythe just wants to be left alone on his twenty-nine
acres. An eccentric, unsociable man who many in the town
of Provost, IN., view with a mixture of suspicion and contempt,
he has dedicated his life to becoming self-sufficient. But in a
surprise attack that even dwarfs 911 in its consequences,
terrorists - maybe domestic, maybe foreign - shut down the
food delivery system to the cities, throwing the country into
chaos. Within thirty-six hours, the cities are in flames and
within a week, Martial Law has been declared. UN troops are
called in to assist the beleaguered American military restore
order; but many soldiers refuse to kill and imprison their fellow
citizens. When a mutating virus begins to wipe out everyone,
civil war is inevitable. Albert would have been prepared to
stay out of it, to remain on his farm and milk his goats and
tinker in his garage. But the system can deal with anything,
except a man who chooses to be left alone. But once awakened
from his hermetic existence, Albert Smythe, the non-entity,
the invisible man, becomes their most terrible enemy.

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