Saturday, August 27, 2011

He invited two families. 30 hungry uninvited guests came to his house.

re Hurricane Katrina 2005
This nice man told two good friends that they and
their families could come at his house to avoid
Hurricane Katrina. They told their good friends.
More than thirty people threw themselves on his
stored foods with glad cries and ate it all in two days.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dept of Rescued Orphaned and Abandoned Childen

As Wind in Dry Grass by H. Grant Llewellyn
"The Dept of Rescued Orphaned and Abandoned children was a
hastily erected quonset hut with an unloading ramp
at the front and a large enclosed playground, with
twelve foot chainlink fences topped with razor wire.
At any time twenty or thirty or three children could
be seen wandering around inside their playground, much like
prisoners anywhere, staring blankly at the outside world and
waiting fearfully for the attention of their new saviors.
These fortunate children had been rescued from the
incompetent hands of their parents or found wandering
or were simply rounded up for their own good and
transported to Branfords for shipment to the main
processing center at Indianapolis, were they would
be given new lives and new ideas about life by the friendly
folks who brought you eighteen percent unemployment,
the modern education system, the social services
and child welfare agencies, the national debt, the
Iraq war, NAFTA and FDA safety standards, addictive and
lethal pharmaceuticals, biological warfare, and secret
prison camps for political dissidents. In Brantford,
dedicated DROAC administrators paid a bounty of MREs, beer
and various other commodities to anyone who rescued
any children from any circumstances anywhere by any means
at any time. Once a week a train would arrive from
Indianapolis and several large-boned lesbians and
adenoidal Boy Scout leaders would clump down from
the steps and with a Catholic solemnity, usher the little
darlings, strictly separated by gender into the various
compartments of the train for their field trip to the
city. There, they would be thoroughly transformed
into new citizens without prejudice, without cultural bias
or gender inclinations or religious propensities or racial identity
or family loyalty, but with an obdurate belief in this new
world and a perfect understanding of their role in it."
end excerpt

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A holster for the tough, smart, superior woman

The girl can draw concealed pistol and fire in under 2 seconds.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Without which life may be short but grim

Rifle butt pouch.
-100 rounds 22LR Remington Subsonic,
-an extra rifle magazine,
-two bottles water pills,
-a penny to adjust scope,
-Allen wrench for scope mount screws.
-40 feet 50 lb test braided Spiderwire and four fishhooks
-a 2x3 fresnel lens
-Gerber utility knife and two blades
-a thong and ten patches
The thong has 8" bead chain on end, a bowline at other end,
a bowline 8" from the end. Place a patch in loop sticking
through bowline. The thong comes taut and holds patch securely.
If the patch sticks, use bowline on the end to pull it out
backwards. Not good to break the thong and leave a patch
in the bore.
Two black cable ties secure the pouch to my
Marlin 25N 22LR rifle.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Take-down 22LR rifles

Some praise the compact AR-7 ( 16" barrel) 18" OAL stowed in buttstock,
and the Marlin Papoose ( 16.25" barrel) that fits in 24" case.

How compact do you want?
Bolt action 22LR Marlin model 725 is 41" OAL.
Barrelled action 28-1/2". Stock 29".
To make a quick takedown version: Omit rear
assembly screw at forward end of trigger guard.
Weld or otherwise secure a 3" wide washer to the forward
assembly screw that secures barreled action to the stock.

How far away can enemies and human predators hear the
report of 22LR high velocity?
How far away can they hear the report of 22LR subsonic?

re CCI 22 CB Longs (29 gr bullet 720 fps 33 ft lb)
Survival Guns by Mel Tappan page 177 quote " In a barrel of
22" or longer the CB cap is almost totally silent. At a distance of
8 feet from the muzzle of my 24" Anschutz, the sound level from
firing was only 9 db, and at 15 feet was totally inaudible. Not
only does this lack of noise make the CCI long CB caps desireable
for indoor or backyard target practice, it makes them virtually
a necessity for survival use should you ever need to do some
shooting without attracting attention or alarming game in the
Remington subsonic 22LR 38 gr @ 1050 93 ft lb is very little
louder than the CB. Please see

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I finished reading As Wind in Dry Grass

I just finished reading As Wind In Dry Grass.
It is the sort of book you read again later.
It is a great read of a USA destroyed by enemies in
government, terrorist bombers, disease, ghetto criminals
and UN peacekeepers from third world shitholes
confiscating food from homes.
It was no surprise when one woman refugee
remarked that every woman she met had been raped.
Albert Smythe wants nothing more than to kill the enemy.
I like it as well as Unintended Consequences,
Matt Bracken's Enemies trilogy, Neither Predator nor Prey,
and The Black Arrow.

Unintended Consequences by John Ross
Matt Bracken's Enemies trilogy
Neither Predator nor Prey
The Black Arrow

Friday, August 5, 2011

As Wind in Dry Grass

You may read eleven pages of
As Wind in Dry Grass by H. Grant Llewellyn

Editorial Reviews
Product Description
Albert Smythe just wants to be left alone on his twenty-nine
acres. An eccentric, unsociable man who many in the town
of Provost, IN., view with a mixture of suspicion and contempt,
he has dedicated his life to becoming self-sufficient. But in a
surprise attack that even dwarfs 911 in its consequences,
terrorists - maybe domestic, maybe foreign - shut down the
food delivery system to the cities, throwing the country into
chaos. Within thirty-six hours, the cities are in flames and
within a week, Martial Law has been declared. UN troops are
called in to assist the beleaguered American military restore
order; but many soldiers refuse to kill and imprison their fellow
citizens. When a mutating virus begins to wipe out everyone,
civil war is inevitable. Albert would have been prepared to
stay out of it, to remain on his farm and milk his goats and
tinker in his garage. But the system can deal with anything,
except a man who chooses to be left alone. But once awakened
from his hermetic existence, Albert Smythe, the non-entity,
the invisible man, becomes their most terrible enemy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Will congress cut welfare as well as military pay?

Will congress cut welfare as well as military pay?
$11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare
to illegal aliens each year by state governments.
$22 Billion dollars a year is spent on food
assistance programs such as food stamps,
WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.

$2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on
Medicaid for illegal aliens.
Verify at:

$12 Billion dollars a year is spent on
primary and secondary school education
for children here illegally and they
cannot speak a word of English!

$17 Billion dollars a year is spent for
education for the American-born
children of illegal aliens, known as
anchor babies.

$3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to
incarcerate illegal aliens.
Verify at:

30% percent of all Federal Prison
inmates are illegal aliens.
Verify at:

$90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on
illegal aliens for Welfare & social
services by the American taxpayers.
$200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed
American wages are caused by the illegal

In 2006, illegal aliens sent home
$45 BILLION in remittances to their
countries of origin.

The total cost is a whopping $ 338.3 BILLION DOLLARS

Monday, August 1, 2011

No more 20 year military retirement?

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No More Retiring at 20 Years?
July 26, 2011
Stars and Stripes

A sweeping new plan to overhaul the Pentagon’s retirement system would give some benefits to all troops and phase out the 20-year cliff vesting system that has defined military careers for generations...

Stars and Stripes Website