Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dakota Fire Pit

In a SERE scenario, as were the father and son in
The Road by Cormack McCarthy, it would be
wise to use a Dakota Fire Pit for cooking and warmth.

video of a Dakota Fire Pit


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Garand is almost as good as a real rifle, he says

The Garand is almost as good as a real rifle

I can teach Mr Williamson to load without hurting
himself, and to catch a partial clip in his hand. He
will never love the Garand as I do. On the worst
days of my life she never failed me.
To load...
-lock bolt open
-with edge of right hand against bolt operating
handle press a clip of 8 down into the receiver.
Allow bolt to come forward an inch or so, then
smartly remove right hand and allow bolt to go
forward and chamber a round.
To recover a partial clip ....
-with right hand hold bolt open
-place left hand palm down over receiver
-press clip release with left thumb and catch the
emerging partial clip in left hand.
To carry safely and discreetly, but ready for use.
-Press down on top round of a clip of seven and
allow bolt to close on empty chamber
-Remove barreled action from stock.
-Place rifle in a duffel bag, for example.
It takes only seconds to assemble rifle, cycle the
bolt to chamber a round and be ready to defend

This video explains the Garand.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 1 '11 Wyoming does not require permit for CCW

Hooray! Effective today, July 1, 2011, Wyoming

will no longer require permits for concealed carry

of firearms. Wyoming now joins Vermont, Arizona,

and Alaska in recognizing the Constitutional right

to unrestricted carry, both openly and concealed,

without any permit. "Senate Bill 47 amends

Wyoming Revised Statute 6-8-104 to allow anyone

who has lived in the state of Wyoming for six

months or more, and who meets the other require-

ments of the older concealed carry law (excluding

the requirement that an individual demonstrate

proficiency with a firearm) to carry a concealed

weapon, without applying for or obtaining a permit."

(more .....)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Executive Order 13575


On June 9, 2011, an Executive Order established the
White House Rural Council with 25 executive branch
departments including Defense, Justice, Homeland
Security, National Drug Control, Environmental
Quality, Labor, Commerce, Interior, EPA, Housing,
Health, Education to name just a few.

The order covers 16% of the American population
who lives in rural counties because they “supply
our food, fiber, and energy, safeguard our natural
resources, and are essential in the development of
science and innovation.” It ensures Rural America
will participate in Agenda 21 goals of Globalization.
The ICLEI non-governmental UN organization
gets a partner to reach into Rural America.
1. Federal Control of Rural American Resources
(Food, Health, Energy, Education/Schools,
Property, Water and Lives).
2. Increased Federal Regulation through Executive
Order (Legislation from the Oval office)
3. More Regulation of Food production
4. More Regulation of Land use
5. Agenda 21 implementation accelerates in
Rural America
6. Implementation of Cap and Trade
7. No definitions of what “Rural America” is.
Matter of fact, no definitions at all.
8. More Lawmaking through Regulation (State and Local levels)
9. More State/County Control over your city/town due to grant money distribution
10. Less Local participation due to Regionalization
11. More Federal Jobs funded at Tax Payer Expense
12. Rights Issues: Your Voice. You can not “Un-elect”
appointed committee members. You can not
contact your elected representative on an issue
because this is legislation through committee
regulation. (Strings attached to all that tax payer
funded grant money)Under pretenses that are false
(based on past statements, actions and performance),
the Federal Government is attacking the United
States using Agenda 21, ICLEI tactics but it is much
more direct this time. The actions are simple and the
results – measured but disastrous.
This is similar to the Castro’s Agrarian Reform,
but goes beyond.