Monday, April 25, 2011

TEXAS HB 2807 re unlawful possession of a semiautomatic assault weapon for anyone under the age of 21.

HB 2807 The Texas Assault Weapons Ban Bill:

To wit:

HB 2807 will be heard in House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence on Tuesday, April 26th.

HB 2807 relates to the unlawful possession of a semiautomatic assault weapon. The prohibition is for anyone under the age of 21. The bill includes a list of features similar to the congressional definition of an assault weapon: detachable magazine, folding or telescoping stock, pistol grip, bayonet mount, flash suppressor or threaded barrel, or grenade launcher; however, it goes further.

Any semiautomatic rifle with two or more of the listed features is prohibited but if that semiautomatic rifle is a copy of an automatic firearm, only one feature is needed to make the gun off-limits to anyone under the specified age. You might be able to vote but you wouldn't be able to touch this type of firearm in Texas, should HB 2807 pass.

The bill isn't limited to assault-rifles as assault-style handguns are included and defined separately.

Section (b) of the bill creates a Class A misdemeanor for anyone younger than 21 to possess a firearm of this type and creates an offense if a person sells, rents, leases, loans, or gives such a weapon to anyone knowing the firearm will be delivered to a person younger than 21. Under this bill you could share your rifle or handgun with a friend or relative at the range and be in violation of the law.

HB 2807 was filed by State Rep. Lon Burnam (D-Fort Worth). It is a very bad bill and should be voted down in committee.

Since his election to the Texas House in 1997, Rep. Burnam has filed one or two anti-gun, anti-youth bills in every session but two, 2007 and 2009. His earlier versions included all firearms, rifle or shotgun, and defense to prosecution required that the young person, under 17, be with their parent or guardian. In 2005, 4-H Shooting Sports competitors as young as ten came to the Capitol and testified in committee to successfully stop Rep. Burnam's bill.

Obviously Rep. Burnam's not through, as HB 2807 makes no allowance for TSRA high-power youth shooters, their families or their coaches.

Finally HB 2807 is an insult to Texans serving in the military, trained to use and carry automatic weapons in war, but would be criminalized in their home-state for touching a semiautomatic firearm they can legally purchase and possess under federal law.

HB 2807 should serve as a reminder of the mischief gun-bigots intend to cause to your rights and those of your children and grandchildren.

Call or email the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence and urge them to vote NO on HB 2807.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What are the ninnies, wussies, pussies and geldings in Texas legislature doing?

What are the ninnies, wussies, pussies and geldings
in Texas legislature doing? They have not passed
CCW on campus law for the same reason that steers
do not make baby cows. 2011 session ends May 30.

My emails to Gov Perry and Rep James White were
not answered. I got a reply from the office State
Sen Robert Nichols alleging that Sen Nichols will
keep my views in mind when he votes. I was so thrilled
I wet my pants.
No elected official -- not even Governor Rick Perry
who shoots from the hip and slays coyotes before
breakfast -- has guts enough to say if they will
vote YES or NO on CCW on campus.

Friday, April 15, 2011

100 million arabs to be brought to US to live??

    Dr David Manning interviews Avi Lipkin

    This is a very interesting 25 minute Video with
    Pastor Dr. David Manning.
    Very insightful about what the Muslims and the
    Muslim Barack Obama have in store for America.
    No matter what you believe, I think you would
    be wise to watch this video ("100 million Arabs
    to be brought to the U.S. to live!". If true,
    that must be stopped.

    Make the time to view this if you are a Christian
    or a Jew! You can then make your own mind up
    as to the value of it.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Am I irritated, upset or angry? No. Why do you ask?

There has been no reply from Governor Perry,
or James White my dist rep.

My reply to April 6 letter from TX state Sen Nichols.


Are you too gutless to say YES or NO ?

I asked you to vote YES for SB 354 CCW on campus.
I want to arm young adults so they will not be on their
knees begging when a psycho blows their brains out.

Your form letter reply is " I will take your comments
into consideration when I blah blah"....

Look for a job. I won't vote for you.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Texas Concealed Carry On Campus Bill in Committee – Bill 354

Do you want your child in college to be legally armed to fight back? Should she cower and beg while the psycho takes aim and blows her brains out like at Va Tech and Fort Hood?
You decide.

Friday, March 18th, 2011 at 9:34 AM
Texas Concealed Carry On Campus Bill in Committee – Bill 354
SB 354 by Wentworth to be heard in Senate Committee.
Texas State Rifle Association

Texas State Rifle Association

Houston, Tx --( On Tuesday, March 22, SB 354 by Senator Jeff Wentworth (R-San Antonio) will be heard in Senate Criminal Justice Committee.

SB 354 will stop colleges and universities from expelling student-CHLs for having their handgun on the property of their college or in their cars. It will also stop colleges and universities from terminating their faculty and staff for the same activity.

SB 354 goes on to remove the criminal penalty and allow CHL students, faculty and staff to have this option of self-defense with them in the buildings. Colleges can regulate storage for resident students and sporting events will still be off-limits.

A similar House companion, HB 750 by Rep. Joe Driver (R-Garland) was heard in House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee on Wednesday, March 16th, and passed 5-3 along party lines after nearly six hours of testimony.

Other good bills dealing with this issue were laid out and left pending in committee include: HB 86 by Rep. David Simpson(R-Longview), HB 1167 by Rep. Van Taylor (R-Plano), HB 1356 by Rep. Lance Gooden (R-Terrell), another and final variation HB 2178 filed by Rep. Joe Driver (R-Garland). All were bills supported by TSRA.

HB 750 by Driver pushes ahead in the process to allow adult students, faculty, and staff the option of having their licensed, concealed handgun with them in college buildings and with them on the commute between school and home.

Senator Wentworth’s bill, SB 354, is likely to be close behind.

Contact Senate Committee Members

Senate Contact Information Link

Please contact all the State Senator on the list. Thank the members of the committee who are co-authors and urge them all to support Senator Wentworth’s SB 354, Concealed Carry on Campus.

Please be very polite and keep your message short and to the point “I support Senator Wentworth’s SB 354 and concealed carry on campus. I hope you’ll support it in committee and later on the Senate floor. Thank you”

Criminal Justice Committee Members:

* Senator John Whitmire (D) Chairman
* Senator Joan Huffman (R) Vice Chair
* Senator John Carona (R) Co-Author
* Senator Rodney Ellis (D)
* Senator Glenn Hegar, Jr. (R) Co-Author
* Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (D)
* Senator Dan Patrick (Co-Author)

TSRA and Members
The TSRA is nearly 100 years old, a non-profit, single-issue, non-partisan association. We are the NRA state affiliate but wholly funded by Texans for Texans. We need your membership and continued support.

We are your representation in the Capitol of Texas.
Join, renew, or upgrade your membership today at or call 512-615-4200.

Our Legislature meets only during odd years. We need to get this done.

Keep the Faith,
Alice Tripp
Texas State Rifle Association
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