Saturday, August 27, 2011

He invited two families. 30 hungry uninvited guests came to his house.

re Hurricane Katrina 2005
This nice man told two good friends that they and
their families could come at his house to avoid
Hurricane Katrina. They told their good friends.
More than thirty people threw themselves on his
stored foods with glad cries and ate it all in two days.


  1. The old saying is that "No good deed goes unpunished."

  2. Vlad,man there's one we've all talked about. Some have their mind made up as far as help or send em on their way! I have said I won't help,they had the same chance to prep I did. Yet hungry kids don't set right with me either. Guess I won't really know till I am in that situation!


  3. Think a long time before you commit to
    feeding anyone other than immediate family.

    2 meals a day for 4 for one year 3200 meals.
    3200 divided by 8 = 400 days
    Feed another 96 unprepared friends and relatives........
    3200 divide by 200 meals a day = 16 days
    If you run short go to the corner
    grocery if it is still there.

    O beware of beggars at your door.
    Murder is the least a good woman will do to feed her kids.
    Ask your wife what two things she would refuse
    to do to feed her starving kids.