Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Take-down 22LR rifles

Some praise the compact AR-7 ( 16" barrel) 18" OAL stowed in buttstock,
and the Marlin Papoose ( 16.25" barrel) that fits in 24" case.

How compact do you want?
Bolt action 22LR Marlin model 725 is 41" OAL.
Barrelled action 28-1/2". Stock 29".
To make a quick takedown version: Omit rear
assembly screw at forward end of trigger guard.
Weld or otherwise secure a 3" wide washer to the forward
assembly screw that secures barreled action to the stock.

How far away can enemies and human predators hear the
report of 22LR high velocity?
How far away can they hear the report of 22LR subsonic?

re CCI 22 CB Longs (29 gr bullet 720 fps 33 ft lb)
Survival Guns by Mel Tappan page 177 quote " In a barrel of
22" or longer the CB cap is almost totally silent. At a distance of
8 feet from the muzzle of my 24" Anschutz, the sound level from
firing was only 9 db, and at 15 feet was totally inaudible. Not
only does this lack of noise make the CCI long CB caps desireable
for indoor or backyard target practice, it makes them virtually
a necessity for survival use should you ever need to do some
shooting without attracting attention or alarming game in the
Remington subsonic 22LR 38 gr @ 1050 93 ft lb is very little
louder than the CB. Please see


  1. Vlad a while back I shot an older Springfield semi auto it is full size rifle long barrel and you can lock the bolt.With a cb cap it was quieter than some air rifles.Even LR subsonic were quieter but cb caps for close range small game would be the ticket!


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