Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ron Paul: Hemp for Victory

For the first time since I began writing about Paul and his movement more than three years ago, he agreed to speak with me over the phone yesterday. The occasion was his desire to talk about his support for legalizing industrial hemp. Hemp, a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis famously grown by the likes of George Washington and promoted in the World War II propaganda film Hemp for Victory, is an envrionmentally-friendly source of fiber and protein. Paul is the author of several hemp legalization bills, the latest of which will be promoted in May during the second annual Hemp History Week.

Rep. Paul spoke with me about why the federal ban on the super-fiber is further evidence of "government stupidity," how liberals and libertarians can cooperate in the budget debate, and his plans for 2012.


  1. If anything should be legal to grow, hemp should be one of them!

    We could use it for making bio-fuels and leave the corn for food!

  2. Vlad,naw they can't allow that.They need a collapse to further enslave us! Sir I truly believe they are trying to take us down! I could send 500 of the stupidest people I could find to Washington and I guarantee you they couldn't mess things up this bad! Has to be intentional!


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