Monday, March 7, 2011

Katy TX muslims tell pig farmer to move

On land in his family for 200 years Mr Baker raises pigs.
Muslims bought 11 acres adjacent to his property. Within days
they suggested that Mr Baker move his offensive pigs
elsewhere. Mr Baker is not amused. He now has pig races
during Friday muslim prayers. Y'all come!!


  1. I say good for this guy and long live the pig races!

  2. There is one thing that the farmer can do to " Stink out his nieghbors out " and to really tick them off as well. When he cleans out the pig styes shovel the pig crap on his land line but as close to the nieghbors as he can. When the wind blows they will sure get the smell of it and see how long it takes them before they sell the land. Take it from a gal who's indian, irish, french, german, swiss, and norwegian. I know all about pay backs. Take care & ride safe, Lou Anne

  3. There is one other thing that would make the nieghbors pack there bags & move out fast, Put on a bike rally ! Try having thousands of bikers on the farm for 1 weekend, bike races, bands & vendors. Shoot i set up a 500 pound 15' by 15' booth with a 300 pound leather sewing machine besides other stock. And some weekends i have to run my power plant (which is loud). Sound like they would hate to see me come, Lou Anne