Friday, March 18, 2011


Letter to Governor of Texas,
CC TX state senator and rep
CC editor local paper


The session ends May 30.

Governor Perry and members of legislature have time to bray
loudly that they are considering CCW on campus, and Texas
firearms freedom act.

They won't do shit, of course. Both bills will die in committee.

It's ok. People are stupid and will vote for them again.

Who do I thank the next time a psycho murders unarmed
teachers and children?

I am disgusted.


1 comment:

  1. Vlad, it is time that we start taking our Freedom into our own hands. We can't expect politicians to do anything for us, and the "law" is stacked against us. It's way beyond time to make a stand for our natural rights. Too many brainwashed idiots have a bigger voice than those of us who are grounded in reality and common sense, which puts us at a disadvantage if we choose to abide by the insane culture which surrounds us. I choose to ignore it...