Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Garand is almost as good as a real rifle, he says

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The Garand is almost as good as a real rifle

I can teach Mr Williamson to load without hurting
himself, and to catch a partial clip in his hand. He
will never love the Garand as I do. On the worst
days of my life she never failed me.
To load...
-lock bolt open
-with edge of right hand against bolt operating
handle press a clip of 8 down into the receiver.
Allow bolt to come forward an inch or so, then
smartly remove right hand and allow bolt to go
forward and chamber a round.
To recover a partial clip ....
-with right hand hold bolt open
-place left hand palm down over receiver
-press clip release with left thumb and catch the
emerging partial clip in left hand.
To carry safely and discreetly, but ready for use.
-Press down on top round of a clip of seven and
allow bolt to close on empty chamber
-Remove barreled action from stock.
-Place rifle in a duffel bag, for example.
It takes only seconds to assemble rifle, cycle the
bolt to chamber a round and be ready to defend

This video explains the Garand.


  1. I think it was McArthur that said (roughly) that it was the best war machine ever invented. My dad carried one in WWII and had nothing but praise for it.

  2. 30-06 vs 5.56 hum you do the math.Garand has always been on my want list.Almost got one when I ran up on a too good to pass up deal on my mini ranch rifle.M1-a and Garand both if I live long enuff.


  3. Good piece. I put a lot of rounds through my old M1 on the firing range when I was in the Army 1961-1964. Loved the trajectory and the accuracy but the action tended to throw oil across my glasses lenses enough to blur things after a few clips.

    I never felt the urge to own one as a civilian. Preferred the '98 Mauser bolt action on anything that needed killing.

    Nice post. Thanks.

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