Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stealth bag

The StealthBag was tested on a variety of commercial and
military-grade infrared detection equipment. The highly regarded
FLIR, Inc. Model 2000AB chopper-mounted IR detector (oper-
ating in the 8-14 micron wavelength range), was unable during
a 30-minute test to locate three individuals inside StealthBags.
When the original LAND/Shark was introduced, SOF ran tests
with a Life-Finder hand-held IR detector, with similar results.
Weighing less than a G.I. poncho, the StealthBag comes
vacuum-packed for long-term storage in a mylar bag, in a 600
-denier nylon carrying pouch. After a knife, this is now the first
item that gets put in our go pack, for certain protection against
whatever elements one may encounter on land, sea or air.
end excerpt


  1. I need to get one of these! Stealth is a good thing! Thanks for the heads up Vlad.


  2. Interesting piece of equipment. I imagine that if it could hide a person from FLIR, it could also hide non-living things. Imagine wrapping this thing around your body, and then also wrapping part of a different bag (cut up) around "something" that one was carrying, so as to reduce one's IR signature to virtually nil. As I said, very interesting.