Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The rescue of Roger Locher from NVN 1972

I was moved by Gen Ritchie's narrative of the magnificent
effort in which Gen Vogt committed all air assets
to the rescue of Roger Locher after 22 days down
behind enemy lines.

Capt Locher travelled twelve miles in those 22 days
evading farmers and enemy military.
The AR-7 is issue survival rifle for aircrews to take
small animals for food. AR-7 functions best with
high velocity ammo which can be heard at a great
distance. I do not know what ammo is issued with
the rifle. I do know that stealth is vitally important
to our man on the ground.
I cannot explain why our goverment fails
to issue a ghostly quiet suppressed 22LR rifle and
subsonic ammo.
Suppressed 10-22 fires high velocity, then subsonic ammo.


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