Sunday, December 18, 2011

22LR ammo for BOB and GHB

When SHTF and you head for the hills, or for home,
you will wish to avoid people who might rob or kill you or worse.
Some prefer the Marlin Papoose (stored in 24" case),or AR-7
(16.5" stored in stock). My Marlin 725 bolt 22LR is 41" OAL,
stock 29", barreled action 28-1/2", held together with one screw.
I installed a large knob on that screw and can easily (dis)assemble
the rifle.
Some use high-velocity ammo at about 3 cents a shot which can be heard
at a distance. I prefer 22LR subsonic ammo 7 cents a shot as it is very quiet.
In the video the 10-22 shooter uses high-velocity. The other man shoots
subsonic. Listen carefuly.

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  1. Vlad, Your video about the Swedish candle disappeared when I clicked to publish it. Please resend it.