Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tried by 12 or carried by 6?

If a teacher or student illegally carries a gun onto campus
to defend himself he may go to prison for years.

Any psycho is welcome to swagger onto a campus
and kill as many as he wishes. Gov Perry and the
Texas legislators don't care.

2011 session ends Friday May 30. The bill is stalled in
committee. There will be no legal CCW on campus.

Gutless, stupid Texas voters will reelect Rick Perry
and the other liars time and after time until they
retire with fat pensions.

I am disgusted.


  1. So am I, Vlad.And lately I have heard talk from some RINOs about how wonderful it would be if he ran for President.

  2. Tried by twelve... I carry when I want to, and I don't need no damn "permission" slip.