Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Harvesting pot meat

If times get tough you may wish to hunt over bait
with your 22 rifle and quiet subsonic ammo.
..... we also keep a couple 50# bags of black
oil sunflower seeds around as the Mrs. is
an avid bird/wildlife watcher........
.... our visitors include doves,
squirrels, raccoons, porcupines, and
black bears. Easy protein, without leaving
the yard.

re CCI 22 CB Longs
Survival Guns by Mel Tappan
page 177 quote " In a barrel of 22" or
longer the CB cap is almost totally silent.
At a distance of 8 feet from the muzzle of
my 24" Anschutz, the sound level from firing
was only 9 db, and at 15 feet was totally
inaudible. Not only does this lack of noise
make the CCI long CB caps desirable for indoor
or backyard target practice, it makes them
virtually a necessity for survival use should
you ever need to do some shooting without
attracting attention or alarming game in the
neighborhood." unquote
Remington CB 33 gr @ 740 fps = 40 ft lb
Remington subsonic 22LR 38 gr @ 1050 = 93 ft lb,
is very little louder than the CB. From Marlin
model 25 22LR rifle I put 3 Remington subsonics
in 3/4 inch group at 50 yards.

Tossing Rocks – shooting subsonic 22
Lethality of the 22LR
If I have "only" my 22 rifle they will be lucky
if they do not catch me.
My 10-22 with E Arthur Brown 1:9 twist barrel
shoots Aguila SSS 60 gr in 3/8" groups at 50 yards.


  1. Vlad I don't know why but I never even thought about baiting,makes sense. This ain't about be sporting this is to survive!Thanks for sharing!


  2. ...even tho it happens in the yard,with the Mrs birds/bird food,and all the other thieves...putting the two in'a bait-n-catch really didn't cross my mind until now...thanx Brother

  3. Think safety. Think of others. Think of neighbors suing you for every penny.
    Place your feeder so that bullets that pass through your prey will impact in a dirt bank, or a prepared backstop.