Saturday, October 30, 2010

Obey or pay $100,000 first offence

Time to secede
Please view this, and tell your family doctor
about it.
per Obamacare fedgov will micromanage all medical
MD can be fined $100K first time, or go to jail second
time for failing to obey fedgov orders re patient treatment
As much as 46% of MD may quit in disgust.

Very scary video by Dr. David Janda. How many MDs will quit medicine? He says 46% will. You may want to alert your friends.

(Short Video. Has Sound. Open here with single left click of your mouse.)


  1. Thats not gonna increase health care costs is it? I see Obummer care getting repealed.But then again I would try Obama for acts of Treason!


  2. Grab yer ankles. An insurance guy I know said we can expect to see 40% premium increases come January when most policies renew...