Saturday, May 8, 2010

If we are short of wheat and corn

I asked an old pal about other grains if corn and wheat
are in short supply. His answer:

Don't see any problem with wheat and corn in Oregon.
The crops are as large as normal (and we grow a hell of
a lot of it). If it gets diverted to other uses, like gasohol,
then that is a different situation. It's sold to the highest
bidder. It will follow the money.

Yes, all of those "Other Grains" are not getting diverted.
Yes, I have used the other grains in bread, pancakes, mush
or grits. They are more nutritious than wheat, or corn,
tastier, and they don't have the allergy causing problems
that wheat does. Millions of people cannot eat wheat,
or wheat gluten (it literally eats out the lining of their
stomachs). Modern wheat is sort of o.k. for MOST folks,
but it is not really a healthy food (don't forget that we
once shipped wheat to the starving Chinese and they
sent it back). They have bastardize the stuff so much
from the original tiny wild wheat that it has all kinds
of problems.

It has only been a thousand years since China switched
from only millet being the common grain, to the use of
rice. Why they did that I do not know? Millet is a
wonderful healthy food! It is cheap in bulk, and stores
long term easily. I have 4 or 5 buckets of it in my storage

Boil a tablespoon of Millet and it will produce nearly a cup
full of food. It really bulks up. Very tasty. I recommend
that you buy a small package of it and try it for yourself.
Use it like any other cooked cereal, or grits (Add fruit,

sugar/honey, milk, butter, whatever you normally would).
Plus you can use it like any cooked grain in salads, main
dishes, etc. It is the main ingredient in parrot feed, and
look how long they live!

All of those grains are very healthy and very available, It's
just that the wheat and corn industry have a monopoly here,
and can control the price by growing so much. Thus wheat
and corn are usually cheaper in the U.S. Try some of the
more exotic grains from Peru, etc, also, things like Quinoa
("keen-wah"). Wonderful! ----


  1. Thanks for the info,Vlad.


  2. Thanks for sharing about millet. We have used quinoa and find it to be tasty and versatile, from salad to main dish and breakfast. Now we will give millet a try, as well.