Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Russian troops asked to pacify America

If the Russians liked Finland they'll just love East Texas
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Several weeks ago (I am not sure of the exact date) Lt. Gen. Steven Blum the Deputy Commander of NORTHCOM requested from the Russian government pursuant to a secret agreement the use of 3 to 4 brigades of military security forces to be deployed in the U.S. presumably to assist local law enforcement in "peace keeping operations". When the request was made this very senior officer which my wife is related to expressed serious concerns about losses because of how well the "Americans" were armed. This officer and relative told me directly that he was assured by Gen. Blum that his forces would not be in the direct line of fire and that they would be free to use "whatever force was necessary to defend themselves and prevent future attacks".

When I spoke to this officer he asked how stiff the resistance would be? I let him know that it would make the fight in Afghanistan and Chechnya look like a Sunday walk in the park (the Soviet losses in Afghanistan unofficially topped 30,000 and in Chechnya the losses were even greater), I told him that the resistance would be unbelievable. He should expect a lot of snipers, men who have hunted big game for years an know how to hide and shoot, he should also not expect any quarter, anyone in uniform will be a target and that he should expect his officers to be targeted first. Roadside bombs and direct attacks on roadblocks and checkpoints will be commonplace. I let him know his troops would not be welcome and that he should oppose this request, I even offered to come to Moscow to give a briefing as to what they could expect should his government agree to provide the troops.

I am sorry I can not give any specifics, this information was given to me directly from the officer in Russia and confirmed by from a high level source at NORTHCOM. Neither could give a specific time frame but my general take was months but less than a year.


This morning I received a call from Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov's office about giving a briefing/presentation in Moscow later this month on "the extent of resistance Russian security forces would face if they were to be stationed on American soil in a Peace Keeping Roll" i. I would of course be responsible for my own expenses (typical cheap ass Russians) but the defense ministry would provide ground transportation and appropriate security should I agree to come to Moscow. Needless to say I accepted and a preliminary date was set for January 28th at 0930. ".

end of quotes.

Remember that it has already been confirmed that the US and Canada have such an agreement for Canadian troops to be used in CONUS if the US requests them.

So can anyone here cite where in the US Constitution where it authorizes foreign military to exercise authority over US Citizens in the US?

While studing Consitutional Law in University I never ever discovered such a cite or even doctrine.
Information like fertilizer does no good unless you spread it.

Robert Jones


  1. Let the war begin. Any one other than Americans will be the target. Come and get it.

    See Ya

  2. If anyone fires on Americans,be they foreign or domestic troops,there will not be enough troops anywhere in the world to keep know theres a lot of talk about unrest uprisings etc,they something we dont thats for damn sure.Thanks Vlad!

  3. No closed season.

    No bag limit.

    You don't to clean them or pack them out.

  4. I read the article, and also the 120 or so comments attached to it. The only commentator who had it right was the one who lamented about how bad the drug problem is in this country.

    Russians here, taking over the country? What utter, paranoid fantasy bullshit! Even as a teen coming out of the theater after seeing Red Dawn I didn't believe that such a thing could really happen. We have 1/4 of a BILLION guns in this country, and 90 million or so gun owners (many of whom are ex-military or hunters) - we'd chew up more Russians in a couple of months than the entire German Army did in WW2.

    Look, I'm as patriotic as the next person, perhaps more because I grew up on stories from my Russian-refugee grandfather about the evils and brutality of Communism. If those SOBs ever did come here, I'd be shooting any that I could - but that's just the point, THEY'RE NOT COMING!

    This is someone's idea of entertainment, sort of like Orson Wells and the "War of the Worlds" radio show in 1938. So many people bought the story - hook, line and sinker - that it actually led to panics in many locations around the country. But it is crap - and the imbecilic responses will likely be the fodder for many jokes about the "ignorant, religious rednecks" that the Left and the elitists love to make.

    Come on, use your heads - this is utter crap, pure fiction (and not even very good fiction, at that).

    Worry about what our own leaders are doing - they're doing a far more effective job of destroying this country than any covert Russian invasion would ever do.

  5. I don't know about your opinion,Paul. I do a lot of r and r and it seems to fall right in line with what I've concluded

  6. I will still insist that our own "leaders" are doing far, far more harm to our nation than any combination of outsiders.

    The Russians are NOT coming - they know that they'd be bled white, and they are already below the level of births necessary to replace themselves. No how, no way. They're far more content to retake what they lost, and to do it with economic pressure and credible military threats rather than the actual committment of troops.

  7. Can you be more specific about the damage the leaders are doing?