Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wiggy's lamilite sleeping bags
Wiggy's bag of lamilite, wet with water, keeps
you warm while your bodyheat dries the bag.
1984 I paid $250 each for Wiggy's
Ultima Thule bags rated to minus 20F. That is
not overkill for East Texas. Jan 84 it was 9F here.
You can buy Wiggy's bags now, or after SHTF,
boast to your wife of how much money you saved
by getting WalMart Chicom Special BrandX bags.
Even though you, she and your kids are freezing
to death, and money is good only for TP and
firestarter, she will be proud of you.
In wet clothes at 50F you can die of heat loss
aka hypothermia.

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