Saturday, November 14, 2009

Report from El Salvador

Jan 2010 issue Soldier of Fortune magazine
page 10 Report from El Salvador

Within two months after the election of the communist
FMLN and ex-CNN reporter Mauricio Funes to the presidency
of that nation, the FMLN removed all of the higher personnel
of the Policia Nacional Civil and all other federal agencies and
replaced them with personnel from the FMLN. The new Justice
and Public Safety minister was involved in the murders of
the Marines in the US Embassy in the Zona Rosa
nightclub/restaurant area.
The Salvadoran legislature has not yet elected a new attorney
general, but it is safe to expect that he will be a communist.
This is a typical pattern whenever the communists take
control of a country in Central America. They always move
first to take control of the police and then subsequently the
armed forces.
So, we won in El Salvador, but subsequently lost
the peace. The election in the US of the far-left black Lenin,
Barack Obama, was very much a factor in the Salvadoran elections
this past March. I spent twenty five years of my life going to El
Salvador to help their army's special forces and the national police.
That has all been flushed down the drain.
You don't need to ask if I am bitter, angry and deeply saddened by this.
How terribly, horribly tragic.

Peter G. Kokalis
former Technical Editor
Soldier of Fortune magazine

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