Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ways to encourage compliance

There are many reports of roadblocks in near future.
Take the swine flu shot and bracelet or they drag you
off to gulag.

I can't see the future, but I have read history.
There are other ways to encourage compliance.

We have JIT - just in time - food delivery to stores. If trucks stop
hauling food, stores be stripped in hours. In a few days people
will line up begging to take shots to get food for their kids.

It worked for Hitler and Stalin.,9171,765334,00.html

Food: a weapon

For the U. S., food distribution is an economic and moral problem.
Hitler uses food as a political weapon. Last week, in Foreign Affairs,
Economist Karl Brandt listed some of the ingenious and devastating
uses to which this weapon has been put by Nazi experts in the last
seven years.

At Home & Abroad. Both Stalin and Hitler use food to destroy internal
opposition, reward accomplishment, punish failure, establish the class
distinctions of their "new orders." In Germany the "warrior caste" of the
armed forces gets the fattest ration cards, skilled and essential workmen
the next. Down at the bottom come prisoners, the insane, the Jews.
Ration cards giving the owner right to more food are used to give workmen
incentives to seek promotion, to increase their output. Supplies are
suddenly cut down (regardless of the amount stored) to scare the
population into believing the situation serious, or extra rations are
suddenly granted to boost morale in a bad time. Food statistics are
guarded like bomber planes. To the Nazis, food is "a beautiful
instrument . . . for maneuvering and disciplining the masses."

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  1. Food storage, heirloom seed= Freedom. Hedged with a rifle and a little ammo (for hunting, and "discouraging intruders").....